We provide several options you can invest in after doing your own due diligence. These investments have however been tried and tested by several private investors and have yielded good profits. We can however not be held liable for any of the investments as they are just available opportunities within our circle


We connect you with the right people and team for trusted Gold transactions. you are to do your due diligence but we do connect you with only dealers who have proven sales in the past. Contact us to understand the sales process.


Working with quality gem sellers of clean and fancy diamonds from all overthe world. We connect and help through the entire sales process.

Joint Venture

We have worked with several stakeholders to provide property investment options and are backed by several funding companies looking to partner with you on your next deal.

Private Investment Option

We provide private investment options for a select few. By going through our investment process and checks you can qualify for our private investment options.


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